Hybrid Cotton - Characters

COTTON SAMAY SAFAL.B.G.II 450 Gm -Samay Safal Suitable For Monsoon and rainfed Condition
-Plant type is tall and Sprcding and More Sympodia
-Big Ball Size
-Weighting around 7.8 gm
-Time duration short and plant colour light green
COTTON SAMAY RUDRA B.G.II 450 Gm -Samay Rudra Suitable For all Type Land
-Plant Type Is Spreding And tall
-Medium Ball Size
- Weighting around 5.6 gm
-Good Quality Long Fiber
-Good Tolerance aginst Sucking Pest
-Easy For picking
COTTON WILD STONE B.G.II 450 Gm -Plant With stay Green Colour
-More Number of Sympodia
- More Number of balls
-High Yield Potensail
- Big Ball Size
-Suitable For Irrigated Land
-Flowering Time is 50-55 Days
-Resitant Sucking pest
-Suitable For Black Soil
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